Barbara Kapusta, Futures, 2022, Aluminum casts, polished, Installation View, Kunsthalle Bratislava

Barbara Kapusta, Futures, 2022
Augmented Reality

the sledding hill/ice skating rink
48.342058, 16.833642

the mouth of the Weidenbach creek
48.349661, 16.843683

Marchegg Castle
entrance to the nature reserve
48.281551, 16.904841

Futures is an augmented reality installation that can be seen at three locations along the bike path between Marchegg and Hohenau. Please install the app that was created especially for this to meet the four virtual, larger-than-life techno-human figures as they move around the area. Keep your eyes open for trigger images and enter the portals that open in front of you.
Futures addresses the circularity of repeated mistakes and the toxicity of neoliberal values and power structures that are inscribed into the ruins and deserts of earlier architecture.
It is also a dystopian science fiction that connects language and texts with objects and sculptural and animated bodies. It raises the question of alternatives, of “futures” for everyone that are based on a different economy beyond the extraction and exploitation of natural resources.
The trigger images are written in the “Futures” script, an alphabet of 26 signs that Barbara Kapusta developed for her exhibition of the same name in the Kunsthalle Bratislava in 2022.

App programing: Bobby Rajesh Malhotra
Animation: Joshua Mallek, Herwig Scherabon, Stephanie Schwarzwimmer
Sound: Lenka Adamcova