What can be done? - Praktiken der Solidarität

© Aldo Giannotti, Searchlight, Traiskirchen, 2022

Aldo Giannotti
Born 1977 in Italy, lives in Vienna

Searchlight, 2022
Light installation, spotlight

What does visibility mean in relation to its opposite: invisibility? Invisibility is not the same as absence. Light, on the other hand, can make something that is invisible or hidden visible or striking. The question that arises in this context is: What parts of society are in the dark and are for the most part invisible?
Aldo Giannotti places a simple mark, a point of light, in Traiskirchen near the reception center for refugees. It is a column of light that can be seen from afar that aims to raise the visibility of people who are in a situation that is all too often overlooked.

Location: Garten der Begegnung (communal garden project)