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© Dariia Kuzmych, körperreich, samtig, stechend, pochend, Traiskirchen, 2022

Dariia Kuzmych, Opening Traiskirchen (c) Joanna Pianka

Installation View, (c) Joanna Pianka

Dariia Kuzmych
Born 1991 in Kyiv (Ukraine), lives in Kyiv and Berlin

körperreich, samtig, stechend, pochend, (full-bodied, velvety, stabbing, throbbing) 2022
Installation, textile, metal, measurements: 8 x 3.5 m

The perception of time is subjective. We always see it in relation to the things we do or experience. It can fly by, or it can seem to stand still.
It is said that wine is flowing time: the decades in which grapevines collect minerals from the soil, the time the grapes ripen under the sun, and the time needed for their cultivation and harvest. Traiskirchen as a city of winegrowing is one of the starting points for Dariia Kuzmych’s work. Wine is pleasure, something that, when consumed in moderation, is associated with a nice way to spend time.
Against this backdrop, Kuzmych’s work juxtaposes two entirely different temporalities: the perception of time in connection with wine and pleasure, and the perception of time when experiencing traumatic events. In crisis situations, time becomes fragmented, and daily routines are disrupted. In the midst of this disjointedness, the qualities of time are distorted. Time stretches and freezes in the moment of the rift. This experience is inscribed on the personal and collective memory of time, like on a plant.
The installation, which looks like a sun screen, is overlaid with swaths of fabric with flowing, abstract representations of time and with cut-outs that let us see through it in places. The different perceptions of time when experiencing enjoyment or pain meet each other to become a tangle of situations and moments in life.

The project was realized with the support of Svitlana Selezneva, Stephka Klaura (FabrikFabric), and the Academy of Fine Arts

Location: Doktor-Anton-Probst-Platz