What can be done? - Praktiken der Solidarität

© Kamen Stoyanov, Ein Realist oder ein Träumer, Videostill, Traiskirchen, 2022

Kamen Stoyanov, Opening Traiskirchen, (c) Joanna Pianka

Installation View, (c) Joanna Pianka

Kamen Stoyanov
Born 1977 in Rousse (Bulgaria), lives in Vienna

Ein Realist oder ein Träumer (A Realist or a Dreamer), 2022
Video installation, video, duration; installation, various materials
With Hatam Hemmati Sherkab

Seeds are sown in the garden, the ground is tilled, plants are planted, flower beds are made, and weeds removed. This is meditative work that requires physical effort. Each year, the Garten der Begegnung is cultivated and prepared for harvest. It is tended by the citizens of Traiskirchen and refugees together.
For this video, Kamen Stoyanov accompanied a former resident of the refugee reception center in Traiskirchen at work in the Garten der Begegnung and at home in supported housing. His hopes and fears are directed toward the future. His work in the garden begins to blend with his vision of the future, with its hopes, opportunities, dreams, and nightmares.

Location: Guard post at the Garten der Begegnung