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Gabriele Schöne :
Art in Hollabrunn Hospital

Hollabrunn, 1992
Robert Löfflerstraße 20, 2020 Hollabrunn


A decision of exemplary status was made concerning the commissioning of art projects for public space in Lower Austria in 1991. For the first time, an attempt was made to award artists commissions for specific concepts in categories of interior design usually associated with aesthetic issues but seldom with artistic ones.

The corridor area on the first floor is dominated by the pieces comprising the series 'Melonentreiben' (Melons' Stuff). Two figures with a slight resemblence to bold slices of fruit, jostling next to one another, against one another. Fruit-fruitful-fruity-fruit. The 14 symbols of the series 'Melonentreiben' adorn the six-bed wards. Small symbols, but harmonious formal details from the fullness of the entirety. Deliberately selected excerpts have gained their independence and are seeking to attract attention.