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At KOERNOE, mediation plays a special role, since encounters with art in public spaces—unlike in museums, exhibition halls, and galleries—are usually direct and unexpected. Each year, KOERNOE develops extensive, multifaceted, cross-generational programs on site, based on existing works of art or works currently being created, which address important topics related to art and society, using a variety of formats and media to invite people to approach and engage with them.

In addition to basic information offerings, such as signage boards and printed materials (available on site and/or online for download), the program offers workshops, organizes country outings, initiates curated discussion series, invites people to participate in storytelling cafés, etc. The aim of these programs is to develop and deepen exchange, understanding, and knowledge of contemporary art, art as well as of art in the public space and its connection to current social and cultural issues.

Mutual learning and direct exchange between artists, experts from various disciplines, the public, and project partners is an important part of our annual INVENTOUR program.

Some mediation projects focus on specific aspects of KOERNOE: For example, the format Perspectives on Art was developed specifically for “art and architecture” projects at regional vocational schools, and with Art for All, a coloring book and tour guide was designed especially for children.

On our homepage, thematic routes offer the opportunity to discover selected art projects in the public space on one’s own, and the Stories section provides background information on interesting tasks and topics related to KOERNOE.

The program is constantly being expanded to appeal to new groups and individuals and to inspire them to engage with art in the public space or to raise and confront questions and discussions about the public space. Cooperation and exchange with various partners, such as the initiative AGIDS (Academy Goes to School), the Kulturvernetzung Niederösterreich (Cultural Network of Lower Austria), and the KinderKunstLabor St. Pölten (Children’s Art Lab St. Pölten) are also important.

Contact: Johanna Reiner

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