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Christoph Weber :
Courtyard Design For the Stadtmuseum St. Pölten

St. Pölten, 2007


Karmeliterhof. Das Stück (ein Auszug) [Karmeliterhof. The Play (An Excerpt)] is the title of the work, which could not be realised. The courtyard of the museum would have become a stage with interior furnishings. In-house staff and visitors were to have used these with a few instructions from the artist to make everyday activities look like theatre.

The Karmeliterhof in the former St. Pölten Carmelite convent has excellent stage-like qualities: a simple, elegant stage-like historical façade, excellent acoustics, a calm that is only interrupted by the bells of the neighbouring tower and everyday sounds from within the building. The existing situation is added to, with the courtyard furnished to become a stage backdrop. The waterproofed interior fittings provide a sculptural setting due to their unorthodox location in the outdoor area of the planted courtyard, transforming the entire grounds into a stage — whereby the objects are to entice the building's staff and visitors alike to use them. The work aims to make 'theatre' out of everyday acts, with the building playing itself. There are, however, also a couple of additional instructions from the artists for the museum and participating individuals to follow: screaming is allowed, reprimanding is allowed etc. A programme on the project is to be published for gratis distribution.
(Christoph Weber and Marlene Haring)