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Franz Graf :
Stations of the cross

St. Peter i.d. Au, 1996


The 14 Stations of the Cross in the chapel of the senior citizens' home consist of a combination of quotations from the Bible, ornamentation and drawings of plants. The ornamentation, in part completed directly onto the wall is a simplified representation of the bloodstream of the human face.

In designing this historical room which was originally a dining hall, Franz Graf followed the principles of symmetry and axial orientation given through the cross-shaped arrangement of the spatial openings. On the longitudinal axis, facing the wall by the entrance, there is the altar area with double frosted glass panes through which daylight enters at only one place. On the other side, there are the 14 stations of the cross with seven on each wall, as if they were windows to the outside. The room is white, the floor black (wood), the chairs with red or blue upholstery. The 14 stations have been created with the ornamentalism so typical for Graf, in which the text passages are integrated: "Since the story transmitted in handwritten form is of linguistic nature, I have left my version of the stations of the cross in words the way they are put down in books. The reader can create his or her own images to them. Each station begins with a vertical and a horizontal pencil stroke on which a simplified representation of the blood veins of a human face taken from an anatomy book are painted on both sides in black ink. Above this, the words from the version transmitted to the believers; between glass abstract plants/drawings of blossoms have been sporadically added to an organically grown nature as a silhouette." (Franz Graf, project description)
(Susanne Neuburger)