gerlinde thuma, gresten secondary school stairwell<br />

gerlinde thuma

gresten secondary school stairwell

The design is intended to emphasise the significance of the windows in the stairwell by means of 'silhouettes' on the panes of glass which form the light, so to speak. Colourful shapes have been applied to the wall itself. On sunny days the light and shadow play over these, resulting in a new interaction of forms every day of the year. The sun's rays create a link between the two existing levels of the window and the wall. The following is cut into the central window of the stairwell:

manche meinen,
lechts und rinks
kann man nicht velwechsern.
werch ein illtum!
(Ernst Jandl)"

some suppose
reft and light
cannot be cenfusod.
what an ellol!)


project not realised