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Ilona Németh, Grand Stand 8, Super Natur, Teil 1, Hohenau an der March, 2022
© Jakub Janco
2272 Ringelsdorf-Niederabsdorf

Note: We are sorry to inform you that the open call didn’t bring forward a result.
We would like to thank the participating artists for taking part in this complex call and for developing and handing in their concepts.


As part of the SUPER NATUR art trail along the Iron Curtain Trail, which started last September, KOERNOE, together with the curatorial team of SUPER NATUR, invites artists and performers this year to submit a performance concept specific to the installation Grandstand 8, Greetings from Ringelsdorf-Niederabsdorf for Bruce Nauman, 2022 by Ilona Németh.

Up to three projects will be selected from the submissions received to kick off the second part of SUPER NATURE in September.

Deadline for submissions: Juni 14, 2023
Presentation/Performance: September 2, 2023
Location: Hohenau an der March

On May 17, 2023, at 6:30 pm, we will offer interested parties the possibility of an online Q&A, where specific questions about the application modalities can be addressed to the curatorial team. If interested please send an email until May 9 to

In 2022, in the context of 100 Years of Lower Austria, a part of the Iron Curtain Trail bicycle path (between Marchegg and Hohenau an der March) became an art trail. Under the title SUPER NATUR, Alexandra Berlinger, Ursula Maria Probst, and Martin Wagner curated artistic projects, such as that by Ilona Németh, which dealt with topics such as “communal practices, care, appealing to a sense of solidarity, the reconfiguration of historical ideas, the exploration of the complexity of borders and how they can be overcome, our relationship to nature and to the virtual world, and alternative forms of mobility, like cycling” (project information).

The installation Grandstand 8 by Ilona Németh, which will remain in the fields near the water basins of Hohenau an der March until 2025, forms both the spatial and thematic context for the Open Call for Performances. See below for a description!


·       Grandstrand 8 is to be understood as a “sculpture” and an independent work of art, not as a podium or a stage, but rather as a place to facilitate interaction between the spectators.

·       Aspects of the curatorial concept of SUPER NATUR, as well as of Ilona Németh’s project, are to be taken into considered in the performance.

·       Of interest is an experimental, contemporary approach that can also deal with questions of sustainability in the use of materials and choreographies.

·       Located in the immediate vicinity of Grandstand 8 is the biological station Hohenau-Ringelsdorf AURING. In addition to nature conservation measures and raising awareness about nature, special emphasis is placed on the study of bird life.   

·       Of interest, but not obligatory, are community-building projects that seek cooperation with local communities and associations.

·       Performances may incorporate other art forms, such as music, dance, readings, and architecture.

·       Permanent physical interventions in the installation (e.g., in the form of stickers, color changes, or permanently affixed objects) are not permitted.

·       The call for applications is open to national and international artists and performers.

·       Artist duos and collectives are also eligible to apply.

·       Joint projects by artists from Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary are welcome.

·       All submissions are made without possibility of recourse to legal action. With their participation, all applicants accept the decision of the jury. The submitting parties must be the rightful authors of the submitted concepts (Copyright Act, § 10.1) and, in the event of realization, declare their willingness to grant the Department of Art and Culture of the State of Lower Austria the necessary permission to use the work for the performance.

·       The submitted concepts must take into account the local conditions. There will be no electricity or water supply on site. The event will take place outdoors and in daylight. A portable loudspeaker and microphone can be provided.

·       Submitted performances should not last longer than 30 minutes.

·       Honorarium for the realization of the concept, including travel and production costs: € 2.500 (excl. VAT)

·       The selected performances will take place on Saturday, September 2, 2023 at the installation Grandstand 8 by Ilona Németh, near Hohenau an der March.

Deadline: Wednesday, June 14, 2023 and must
Submissions should include the following information:

·       Title of the submitted concept

·       Description of the concept in German or English: The concept of the performance in written form with max. 2 pages (5,000 characters), as well as sketches, photos, etc.

·       Calculation of production costs for the performance

·       CV

·       Portfolio 

·       Contact details

·       Each participant can submit one proposal

The members of the jury are:

Ilona Németh, artist
Milan Loviška, artist/performer
Ursula Maria Probst, curator of SUPER NATUR
Katharina Stummer, director

The decision of the jury is final and incontestable.
The selection will be announced by July 3, 2023.