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Paul Feichter :
Kuh in der Käseglocke

Prigglitz, 1994


'Kuh in der Käseglocke' (Cow in the Cheese Dish) is what the artist has called his installation, which addresses the nature in nature and the apparently in-tact rural world. The full-scale wooden cow in the pavilion is a monument to nature.

In an expansive area in a space used for agriculture near Prigglitz, Gut Gasteil is propagating an almost idyllic concept of nature, an anachronistic model, if ‘art and landscape’ are understood in such a way that the landscape, in contrast to the city, is a place that gives energy, in order to implement new models of art. Paul Feichter's Kuh (Cow) is also to be regarded as part of the task of maintaining an intact rural world, the problems of which are defined differently from urban problems and seek a context that approaches the subject of nature in a new manner. The life-size animal sculpture stands as an artefact in the field, in which real cows otherwise graze, while through the glass cheese-dish it becomes a landmark, a monument.