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Isa Genzken :
Full Moon

Wenzersdorf b. Gnadendorf, 1997


The sculpture of Isa Genzken consists of an evenly lit opalescent glass ball (diameter 2,5 m) on a steel rod 20m high.

Parallel to the project "Region around Laa" a second piece of work was initiated, following Franz West's "Why is there something and not nothing." Isa Genzken prepared a draft for an outside sculpture in the shape of a cross. Her idea was to create a cross at a maximum possible height (60 m?) using two U-shaped profiles. This "large filigree" cross (according to Isa Genzken) was her first landscape project. It was never realised as the statics would have posed severe problems. Instead, her work "full moon", part of her sculpture project at Münster, was purchased in 1998 and installed as it was in the castle ruins of Wenzersdorf. It consists of an evenly lit opalescent glass ball (diameter 2.5 m) on a steel rod 20 m high. Although the light inside the ball never changes, our perception of it does as the day goes by. It is both a functional lighting fixture and a metaphor of the moon, accentuated by the background of the castle ruins.
(Susanne Neuburger)