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Karin Harather, Norbert Lechner :
Zwettl Secondary School

Zwettl, 1993


With the object 'Mauertuch' (Wall Cloth), a wall of lacquered steel profiling in front of the old town wall is intended to emphasise the old wall while marking the two school approaches.
The project was never realised because it was rejected by the school board.

The project 'Mauertuch' (Wall Hanging) would have reacted to the special location: ideal activation of the old town walls by directly including them, production of a new context - it would have taken the special topography as its theme: "connecting" the upper town with the alluvial land in a large-scale context, "connecting" the two "school levels" in particular - it would have acted a visual sign with symbolic character: unequivocal marking of the two ways to access the secondary school and the gym through the respectively different appearance of the work - it would have operated with the moment of "being moved": being moved as a result of the systematic arrangement of the steel sections, being moved as a result of the use of colour, being moved as a result of the specific light effect of the paint (iridescence), being moved as a result of the "movement" of the viewer along the route. The project was not implemented: the committee of the secondary school decided against the panel of experts' recommendation.