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Hiesmayr-Kratochwil-Waldbauer Architekten :
Market Center Neulengbach

Neulengbach, 2001
Hauptplatz 16, 3040 Neulengbach


The main square, Marktplatz, has been totally restructured: a separation of traffic thoroughfares and pedestrian paths, broad pavements, marked parking spaces, an information area and design interventions. The result is an improvement in transport planning and aesthetic impression for the community of Neulengbach.

After Neulengbach had received its charter to become a town in February 2000 (it has been a market since the year 1535), its historic square acquired considerable aesthetic potential and better facilities for both car drivers and pedestrians. Ernst Hiesmayr developed an artistic design and new structure for the market square so that it now forms an ellipse that merges into Egon Schiele Square. Both the pedestrians’ walkway and the vehicle area are clearly delineated. Broader sidewalks, marked parking lots and well-structured information boards are particularly helpful to pedestrians. The Lampl fountain, along with the town column, invite passers-by to stop for a moment. The innovative street lanterns are the most striking design elements and as such are visible signs of change. Hiesmayr’s knack for smoothly incorporating existing structures in his architectural designs is visible in the details of his work, e.g., the harmonious coexistence of old and new sets of railings.
(Gabriele Kaiser)