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Inge Dick :
Cathedral in Wiener Neustadt

Wiener Neustadt, 2000


Inge Dick won the competition for the design of a meditation space in the baroque side altar of the Minster. In accordance with the desire for a softly coloured environment, a bright cheerful light atmosphere was to be created. However the design was never realised as it was turned-down by the rectorate.

The goal of this competition was the design of the Baroque side altar of the cathedral which was to be used as a room for meditation. The spatial givens/conditions as well as the desire for a subtle colouring inspired me to submit a proposal that was to use reduced means to create a cheerful, light, inspiring atmosphere. The four colours used in the window are ascribed to the evangelists. The remaining glass surfaces are in white opaque cover glass which blocks the view but is supposed to bring enough neutral light into the space. Since the small room can be used better with a bench than with chairs I suggest the use of two to three benches. The use of wood for the backrests, seats and in part for the floor is not just advantageous to the design but also for the acoustics of the room. The realization of the overall concept was suggested by the jury but, unfortunately, the parish decided otherwise and thus this project did not materialize.
(Inge Dick)