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Sabine Müller-Funk :
Art in Hollabrunn Hospital

Hollabrunn, 1992
Robert Löfflerstraße 20, 2020 Hollabrunn


A decision of exemplary status was made concerning the commissioning of art projects for public space in Lower Austria in 1991. For the first time, an attempt was made to award artists commissions for specific concepts in categories of interior design usually associated with aesthetic issues but seldom with artistic ones.

'Was uns Frauen bewegt'
The arrangement of the individual glass elements (those climbing down from the ceiling, becoming lighter and escaping to the right) is a playfully humorous approach to the theme. For the lettering all shows quotations from so-called 'waiting room reading material', mainly women's magazines. The mirrors reflect the space (the café with its periodicals), the writing and its viewer, and bring all the elements onto one level at the same time.