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transparadiso :
Wiener Neustadt Landespensionistenheim

Wiener Neustadt, 2003 – 2015


Sensitive interventions characterise the architects' design. A lamp, for instance, that throws moving light effects onto the floor in the form of a "light-ventilator", was specially designed, parquet flooring was laid, and a concept was realised for seating and stereo-furniture with a view of birds in a birdbath.

Project no longer on view

Transparadiso were commissioned to develop a design for the extended corridor zone of the hospice in the concrete-lined trench originally planned for a biotope. Transparadiso's artistic intervention is to be understood as a range of sensual elements for the patients, who are spending the last days of their lives there, as well as for the care personnel who work at the hospice. A mixture of pious discretion for the patients who live, or are dying, here and the appeal of an unexpected "semi-public living room" with which a desire to see, feel, hear and fly away is intended to express additional tactile sensual qualities: A 'light fan' throws patches of light onto the floor that can be very gradually altered by the individual control of the vanes as if sunlight were streaming through a canopy of leaves – and yet the object concerned is a lamp. The trench is filled with a slightly sunken Iroko parquet floor, and it is transformed into an echo chamber by bass shakers. Seating with integrated stereo grows out of this, from where one can observe the birds in a specially conceived birdbath in the adjacent atrium. If one turns one's gaze back inside, a feint drawing is to be seen on the rear wall of the 'extended living room' showing the outlines of patches of light similar to those projected onto the floor. Unspectacular.