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Georgia Creimer :
Winzer Krems Sandgrube 13 Wein.sinn

Krems a.d. Donau, 2005 – 2022


Hands on Tables is the title of five videos that are projected onto tables covered with tablecloths. Looped video sequences show a birds-eye view of hands doing things like playing dominoes, holding one another, kneading dough or involved in eating and drinking.

Five tables with tablecloths are the surfaces used for projections of video pieces in which Georgia Creimer shows looped video sequences of activity shot from above around tables like the ones used. A game of dominos, hands holding, pastry being made, eating and drinking, whereby the individual scenes all concentrate on the protagonists' hands. The bodies are quasi-cut off at the edge of the table and are continued conceptually by the viewer standing at the table. For the visitor to the 'sandgrube 13 wein.sinn' world the space with Creimer's work is the last of a tour where – having been guided through a progression of spectacles and sensational presentations – they are now in a setting again where the spectacular approach to winegrowing and wine culture is brought back into an everyday situation, that of seeing a glass of wine on thtable. The space concerned is a connecting corridor, a narrow sloping passage (30m x 3m) that Creimer has understood how to use for her own ends. The tables have been so placed that they quasi-obstruct the viewer's path so that as they pass table for table they find themselves directly confronted by the images. They stick in the mind like pictures with associations to painting while also being a contemporary version of Eat Art.
(Susanne Neuburger)

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Georgia Creimer, Hands on Tables, 2005-2021
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