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Siggi Hofer :
Sculpture For the Roof of the Wallsee Senior Citizens’ and Nursing Home

Wallsee, 2005
Ardaggerstraße 12, 3313 Wallsee


Shades of brown printed onto sheets of aluminium suggest a piece of wood on the roof of the senior citizens home. Driftwood is the title of the sculpture. For the artist it represents a metaphor for the plethora of stories and possibilities connected to the transitions associated with paths taken and those yet to come.


A piece of driftwood carried along by the river bears witness to a previous event. And left to take new paths to new shores an indeterminate amount of time ago, led, driven by the current.
The piece of driftwood enabled many birds to land, provided people with something to hold onto, so having saved them from drowning, and with other pieces of wood it has been wedged under bridges, eventually making them collapse or causing the water to go flood the banks. It has been observed and made people think, become melancholy because they brought it into connection with life and fate.
It would take an absurd story to explain how this piece of driftwood came to rest on the roof of this building, or stopped in the moment found itself here (by chance) of all places and has long been continuing on its travels elsewhere in the real-now.
It doesn't matter how the wood got there, though. Now it's there and it is what it is. The path it's come, improbable though it may be, is decisive for existence. So now it works as a kind of sign above the building, as a symbol for innumerable possibilities (stories, happy and unhappy moments, a long path already behind it and an unending drifting onwards with the flow, new stories, other worlds yet to come). An unknown destination.
(Siggi Hofer)