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Brigitte Kordina :
A Piece of Nature

St. Pölten, 2004 – 2019


The work Nature Piece is situated on the ground floor of Building 1 in the government quarter. On closer scrutiny, what initially looks like a clump of grass growing out of the stone slabs proves to be a montage of full-scale photographs of the stone slabs onto which the images of blades of grass have been copied using a computer.

Can you hear the grass growing?
A handful of grass tufts sprout unexpectedly from the ground floor of house number 1 in the Lower Austrian government quarter. The green has gingerly worked its way through the grey of the stone slabs.
Irritation spreads. At least on walking past for the second time one takes a closer look and simply can't believe that nature is allowed to grow uncontrolled, to re-conquer ground in a building where troupes of cleaning staff ensure that the wish for cleanliness and sterility is fulfilled with several shifts per day.
On closer inspection of the ground one ascertains that it is a full-scale photograph of the stone slabs with tufts of grass superimposed on the image with a computer.
With the installation Nature Piece Brigitte Kordina is pursuing her preoccupation with the philosophical question of 'existence'. Here it is the process of growing that is the focus of attention – and the certainty that life, vitality, is concealed in everything around us.
Yes, I can hear it growing. And eventually it'll sprout.
(Katrina Petter)