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Regula Dettwiler :
Tulln-Rosenheim Regional Care Home

Tulln, 2008
Frauenhofer Straße 51, 3430 Tulln an der Donau


The artist designed a miniature purist landscape with grassy hilltops, piles of stone, paths, benches, trees and two small ponds — copies of the Aralsee and Chiemsee lakes — as well as small houses. She has stocked the grounds with numerous animals, which are now cared for by the home's staff.

Regula Dettwiler was inspired by animals and imitation for her garden landscape: a consciously purist plot based on the principle of building blocks as the object of an artist's research who perceives nature as an artefact that has been cultivated and stylised, shaped and reshaped since the year dot. Accordingly, strictly geometric hills and simple sheds in various sizes are found alongside commercially available scale replicas of the Aral Sea and Chiemsee lakes. This garden adorned with small animals is also obviously an experimental plot intended to provide a useful functioning centre in the middle of the pensioners' and care home complex — a place where residents and staff can meet visitors and guests, a place people like to go and enjoy looking at, and of course there is much to see and new things to discover. The hares, goats and ducks appropriate this landscape in their own way and rework the terrain to make it their own. Like any necessary regulatory measures, this has been thoroughly planned — as it ensures permanent movement. Animals as protagonists and an attraction in a public location, enlivening it — a world in miniature, not just of and for itself but also as a potent model for a therapeutic garden.
(Ulrike Matzer)

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Regula Dettwiler, Landschaft mit Tieren, 2008
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