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Marianne Maderna :
Block II

St. Pölten, 1987
Haus 1A, Regierungsviertel, Landhausplatz 1, 3109 St. Pölten


Haus 1a, terrace, 4th floor

The work is part of a group of sculptures based on folded paper and sketches in adobe. Seen at eye level – the child's view – these were miniscule but monumental sculptures. The studies played on the usual considerations of free leg and supporting leg in a range of sequences ending in a frozen pacing movement. A male army in a personified sculptural language, sculpture that was no longer on pedestals occupying embellished space. "In the realisation of the work I wanted to divest the steel sheeting of its weight, taking the pieces back to the miniscule original models. Despite its size, the steel sculpture should have the look of lightness and dynamics of the folded paper. I mitred the individual steel elements so that they showed the fold but never the thickness of the material itself."
(Marianne Maderna)