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Waltrud Viehböck :
Object in the Landscape of Prigglitz

Prigglitz, 1996


The object with wind mobiles was conceived to be erected in the countryside around Prigglitz. Two rotors of three blades each run in opposite directions in the wind. Each blade consists of two quarter-circles spanned with tarpaulin and stainless steel mesh.

Two rotors consisting of three wings each moves backwards in the wind. Each of the altogether six wings is composed of two quarter circles facing each other, while one of the quarter circles is covered with sail cloth and the other with a steel wire grid. This work emanates lightness and elegance. I designed it specifically for being exhibited in a landscape. As opposed to my other works (inter alia, large sculptures, fountains, reliefs), I have deliberately used steel or precious steel (high-grade steel) here.
(Waltraud Viehböck)