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Peter Sandbichler :
Parish Square in Krems a.d. Donau

Krems a.d. Donau, 1999


The unrealised design envisaged a block shaped fountain basin of chrome-plated steel with integrated lighting, a bench and a tree. The water was intended to fall vertically over the edge of the basin and the angled sides to form a smooth block of water.

In the square there is a basin the shape of a parallelepiped, complete with lighting fixture, along with a bench and a tree. Peter Sandbichler’s fountain is low and flat so as not to obstruct the view of this arrangement. The concrete slab on the ground, the smooth surface of the water and the seat of the bench are drawn together by a clear geometric structure. The surface of the water and the seat of the bench, both 60 cm high, are the same level. An incline which was already there in front of the house has been preserved to set off the balance created between the fountain and the bench. The fountain itself has a chrome and nickel steel wall. The side walls are slanting, above them the water spills over the brim of the basin and then drops at a right angle to form the sides of a smooth parallelepiped. The fountain also serves as a light object with glass fibre light coils below the outer brim pouring light onto the space between the basin and the water wall. The continuous flow of water adds an acoustic effect to the fountain. The wide bench is made of larch wood. It is perforated in a style reminiscent of the Japanese benches it has been modelled on. Sandbichler’s design also calls for a Japanese cherry tree to give shade to the arrangement.
(Cornelia Offergeld)