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Francesco Mariotti :

Lunz am See, 2004 – 2005


Francesco Mariotti was invited to participate in the Artist-in-Residence Programme of the 'lunzer wellenklaenge' music festival, and to install a piece of work in public space. The result was Quantum-Flower Ballet, a delicate colourful light installation made of everyday refuse in the Lunzer See.

The Quantum-Flowers consist of fifteen individual lily-like shapes anchored in the lake, made of crushed plastic bottles. Fitted with light emitting diodes, the floating islands begin to glow at night and lap gently back and forth with the waves. Here with refuse as a raw material the impression is created of the highest aesthetic quality, and with refined technology the appearance of great naturalness. In the face of such great lightness one is unavoidably confronted by the apparently paradoxical process of showing the beauty of nature with the application of technical perfection. The topic of the hybrid in the sense of a combination of apparent opposites has accompanied Francesco Mariotti throughout his work, whether with the Hybriden Gärten (Hybrid Gardens) or the Glühwürmchenprojekt (Firefly Project) in Zurich. These projects are a humorous expression of the artist's fear for the natural environment or his sceptical approach to technology developed by man. On the other hand, they are a curtsey before the beauty of nature, perhaps before beauty itself.
(Cornelia Offergeld)