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Maja Vukoje :
Waidhofen an der Thaya Senior Citizen’s Residential and Care Home

Waidhofen a.d. Thaya, 2005


The nine metre long wall in the entrance area of the senior citizens home consists of gold anodised panels in front of which a pale pink curtain is mounted bearing printed drawings by the artist. The work is entitled He Loves Me, which is a reference to a book by the artist of the same title.

The competition was for a design for a partition or a screen about 9 metres long for the entrance area of the senior citizen's residential and care home in Waidhofen an der Thaya to achieve a visual separation for the spaces behind it. This basically incidental spatial situation, which would be fine for any image or text, has been used by Maja Vukoje as a highly associative stage with its materials and colour scheme, that she interprets as a screen, a paravent. The elements of this screen are gold Eloxal panels, a pale pink coloured net curtain and prints on this of drawings that relate to the words papar (to hold off/deter) and vent (wind) in a literal manner. The title was provided by a publication of the same name as Vukoje's piece, He Loves Me, which provides the basis for it and the allusion. Now, in a collaboration with Herwig Müller, this publication has been transferred onto the partition that can be seen from both sides. He Loves Me was published in 2003 in a cooperation that followed a concept of, in Maja Vukoje's words, the "forcing of interacting factors" and in this sense, she refers to a mode of interpretation and design that is now mutating into a spatial dimension. Similarly, the artist's drawings have been translated into a larger scale, drawings that come from self-portraiture and situation comedy but "reach a general 'transpersonal' level" by means of "a specific metaphorical language".
(Susanne Neuburger)