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Service & Institution

KOERNOE is part of the State Collections of Lower Austria. Unlike the other collection areas, however, the majority of the artworks belonging to it are not housed in the state’s cultural depot, but are distributed throughout the state—in public buildings, on roundabouts, main squares, or even in meadows or along roadsides. 

Not all permanently installed works of art are owned by the state but may belong to the respective municipality. Aware of the high artistic, cultural, and financial value of the approximately 350 permanently installed works of art, KOERNOE strives to ensure that all the existing works are continuously communicated and maintained. The entirety, multi-dimensionality, and complexity of the state’s decades-long commitment is to be made tangible.

For the tasks involved, KOERNOE can draw on the expertise of the conservators of the State Collections of Lower Austria. In addition, the State Collections offer the possibility of taking over works of art which, after examination, have to be dismantled and removed from their original outdoor location and brought to a depot.