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INVENTOUR: Our “Art Box”



INVENTOUR is a mobile mediation program. For this purpose, a bus was converted into a library with books and materials about art in the public space. It can be expanded into an exhibition and event space, but also serves as a collection point for information, visions, and the knowledge of local people about their surroundings and from their everyday lives.


Dieses Jahr begleitet der INVENTOUR Bus Projekte in Mistelbach, rund um die Schallaburg und zwei Projekte in St. Pölten.



Der INVENTOUR Bus besucht heuer noch einmal den Iron Curtain Trail, Paasdorf, St. Pölten und Mistelbach. Zum Jubiläum der Weikendorfer Jury wird auch Weikendorf eine Station der INVENTOUR sein.


INVENTOUR in the open-air museum

For almost thirty years, artistic works and projects have been realized in locations and communities in Lower Austria. The objects, sculptures, and interventions are distributed throughout the state and together form a kind of open-air museum. The idea of the INVENTOUR mediation format is to take a closer look at this geographical space and its cultural contents.

INVENTOUR, Hollabrunn, 2019
© Johanna Reiner

Every year, the INVENTOUR bus travels to four or five towns or villages in Lower Austria with the aim of visiting art projects, facilitating encounters with art, exchanging ideas, and gaining new insights together. In the run-up to the tour, contacts are made with protagonists and experts from the local cultural scene and, in connection with art, the topics and developments that are currently playing a role in the places are taken up. What knowledge and experiences are emerging? What initiatives, ideas, and visions already exist? One of the many aspects of INVENTOUR is to make this visible and to enter into dialog with the local population.

Parallel to the map of the art in the public space, an experience map of encounters and stories, home-grown projects, and many other things related to art and the local population is created.

INVENTOUR, Göpfritz an der Wild, 2019
© Koernoe

Cooperation with local initiatives

One goal of the INVENTOUR mediation format is to establish contact with, among others, the regional cultural associations, municipalities, mayors, volunteer fire departments, initiatives of village renewal, and “Gemeinde 21” (Community 21). There is exchange and cooperation with other institutions and initiatives, such as the project AgidS (Academy Goes to School, an initiative of the Academy of Fine Arts), the research project “AREAacz” by Museumsmanagement Niederösterreich and the New Design University St. Pölten, and the project “Zwischenräume” (Interspaces) by the Melk Centre for Contemporary History.

The idea for INVENTOUR and the program of the first five stops in 2019 were developed and realized together with the curators Gerald Straub and Christina Nägele; in the future, different curators or artists will be invited to help design the program each year.