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Werner Feiersinger :
Secondary School in Wiener Neustadt

Wiener Neustadt, 1996


With rounded-off edges, the blue iron sculpture in front of Wiener Neustadt secondary school creates spaces and cavities within one another. The pupils use it for sitting on and playing in.


On body size and pieces of cake
A blue sculpture. The blue covers the iron material of the construction and lifts it up into loftly spheres. A blue from Holland. No, not Delft blue. The blue sculpture as a stage quartet consisting of two by two “cake piece platforms”, a cube that has been folded inside out.
Stage rooms for the squaring of a rotating body coming and going. The edge of the stage – the step leading to the space of the sculpture – invites one to sit down. Body size as an invitation to stay put or to step up. In this sense the curvature of the pieces of cake folded outward form a seat or a stairway. The square formed by the cake piece platforms in interplay with the squares of the cube. The compass circling of the squares of the cube in the curvatures of the cake piece platforms. The rounded form of a classical cake. Circling and making the first cut. The walls of the two cake piece platforms folded to the inside form a sweet boundary line within the cube. Its walls line the diagonal of the cube and an interstice emerges inviting one to play hide-and-seek. To step through this in-between space of shoulder breadth marks the moment of moving over an axis of reflection and stepping onto what is no linger seen. And struggling to perceive herself, Alice sings while crossing the reflective axis of fog into life and from life into fog.
(Anke Schäfer)

Architect: Ernst Maurer