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Georgia Creimer :

Weikendorf, Oct 2014 – Apr 2015
Rathausplatz 1a, 2253 Weikendorf


After remodeling an old fire station and turning it into an exhibition space for contemporary art, Michael Kienzer invited artists to create temporary installations that would last half a year and would also be visible from the outside through a large window. He thus transformed the entire building into a sculpture in public space.


The German word Brut (brood in English) comes from the Middle High German bruot, meaning “to warm or heat up”.

Meanings of the word Brut in German:
1- the hatching of eggs
2- (referring to different animal species) young animals that have hatched from a nest of eggs
3- (slang, derogatory) riffraff

Inspiration for the work Brut came from the Kunstraum Weikendorf itself. The building stands out from its surroundings, thanks to its new function and architecture initiated by Michael Kienzer. In my eyes, it is almost as if a UFO is trying to camouflage itself, or at least not attract too much attention with its prototypical bungalow appearance. Despite this, however, the white exterior, disproportionately large glass window, and white cube interior visible from the outside still expose it as an alien element.

In this spirit, Brut is an object whose mysteriousness enhances the building’s “alien” character. A white plate 245 centimeters (c. 96 ½ inches) in diameter is placed in the center of the almost sterile white room. Resting on it is a pyramid that is 160 centimeters (c. 63 inches) in height and consists of 12 handmade, white spheres. A light illuminates the object from above through a hole in the ceiling, pulsing rhythmically and causing the entire room to oscillate between light and dark.

The pyramid in the gallery mirrors the building’s gable, which seems to act as a protective frame for the object. Both the pyramid and the gable also point upwards, creating an analogy not only between art and what is alien, but also between art and sacrificial offerings, as in the rite of puja (Sanskrit), meaning to “show reverence.” Thanks to the title and the light shining from above, we could also see the white spherical forms as gigantic eggs incubating in an experimental space, creating the feeling that something unknown could hatch at any moment. (Georgia Creimer)

The Exhibition "brut" by Georgia Creimer took place as part of the Project,web_multiplechoice.pdf="Multiple_Choice" at Kunstraum_Weikendorf