Foto © Hubert Lobnig

iris andraschek

where do the borders go?

The visible borders in the European Union are being dismantled one by one and are disappearing according to a schedule. At least, that is how it seems. The question of Where Do the Borders Go? is thus rather paradoxical. If they were truly vanishing, we would not have to ask where they were going. Yet they are moving to the external borders of the EU, only to reappear in a very similar form as before: with barbed-wire fences, barriers, walls, the rigorous surveillance of people and goods, and so forth. They are also moving from the perimeter to the inside of the country in the form of discussions about guarded and gated residential areas, security measures, migration, right of residence, and so forth. The work Where Do the Borders Go? is located in the town of Fratres, next to a border checkpoint between Austria and the Czech Republic that was built in the early 1990s. The metal construction is 4 meters high and more than 50 meters long. It serves as a display board for messages and picture panels, and it also points out the public and private strategies to maintain social separation.



* temporary project