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Jenny Holzer :
Peace Memorial On Hauptplatz in Erlauf

Erlauf, 1995
Marktplatz 7, 3253 Erlauf


Jenny Holzer's piece commemorates the first meeting of the allied forces in Austria on 8 May 1945. It consists of three parts: a stele with a beam that travels a long way, reminiscent of an anti-aircraft spotlight, an engraved paving slab and the planting of flower beds.

The project is currently not in operation due to technical problems.


Jenny Holzer's piece is the second part of the Erlauf Peace Memorial erected to commemorate the meeting of the Allied meeting here fifty years before, on 8 May 1954, with a Russian and an American contribution. Jenny Holzer's memorial consists of three parts: engraved plaques, a pillar with a beam of light and a flower bed, the planting of which was done in collaboration with Maria Auböck. White and grey shrubs and flowers are arranged in a circle around the post. The beam of light comes from an anti-aircraft spotlight, which is switched on every evening.
As in many of her artworks, the New York artist also employs language as a medium in her project for Erlauf, where there are brief concise messages consisting of only a few words, like mottos or sayings. In their presentation as engraved plaques they are reminiscent of memorial plaques even if they basically express a radically anti-war position, rejecting all forms of hero-worship by uneuphemistically calling Horror by its name.
(Susanne Neuburger)

Planting: Maria Auböck

The project is documented in the art archive of the museum ERLAUF ERINNERT .